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Lake Friendly Farm Award Winners!

*Lake Friendly Farm Award 2017!!*
Last year, the Town of Geneva gave a Lake Friendly Farm award to Ed Hansen for implementing 2 great management practices to control run-off from his fields off of County Road 6 in the Town. He planted cover crops so the ground wouldn't be bare at any time and also buffer strips of vegetation between his cultivated fields and the stream that runs along them. These filter run-off during storms and keep soil and fertilizers and other farm inputs from getting into the streams that go to the lake. Check out these lake friendly farm practices in the pictures below! 
The Town also awarded Red Jacket Orchards the Lake Friendly Farm award for purchasing and using precision spraying equipment that allows them to reduce the amount of chemicals they use and better direct it to where it is needed - how awesome is that?!
Thanks to everyone working toward making our town a more sustainable place - lets keep up the great work!!


3750 County Road 6, 
Geneva, New York 14456