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Finger Lakes' Protection Groups  Raise Awareness for Watershed Health

Finger Lakes’ Protection Groups 
Raise Awareness for Watershed Health
Lake Friendly Living Coalition of FLX offers 3rd Annual 
Lake Friendly Living for Watershed education series
Geneva, NY, May 4, 2023—The Lake Friendly Living Coalition of the Finger Lakes is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Lake Friendly Living Awareness Month, which focuses on making an impact, empowering and inspiring communities to take action to preserve and protect our greatest natural resource, the Finger Lakes. Get involved in one of the many IMPACT DAYS throughout the Finger Lakes during the month of May!
With the common mission to protect water quality, this collaborative effort by nine Finger Lakes will educate and engage watershed residents, local governments, and businesses to adopt practices that will help protect and preserve our lakes for sustainable water quality, recreational use, and tourism. The month of events will include virtual sessions, as well as many in-person IMPACT events free to all participants. IMPACT events range from lake clean-up efforts, invasive species management, riparian buffer plantings, and rain garden plantings. This is a great opportunity for people in the community to get involved and be a part of the good we can all do for our lakes.
“As President of the Finger Lakes Regional Watershed Alliance, I am reassured when I see the impact from each of the Finger Lakes regarding the protection of their watersheds", said Margie Creamer. "The knowledge that each lake association illustrates, with their Lake Friendly Living (LFL) representatives, is outstanding in reaching so many. For example, this year the LFL Coalition is reaching their audience with both webinars and in-person presentations and hands-on tasks.”
This year we will feature two keynote speaker presentations which will be held virtually. 
Wednesday, May 17th, 7 PM: Nancy Muller is the Executive Director of the NYS Federation of Lake Associations, and coordinates the Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP). CSLAP provides us with long-term lake monitoring data and supports hundreds of lake associations in their watershed management decisions. 
Tuesday, May 23rd, 7 PM: Sam Quinn, coordinator of the Private Lands Initiative with the Restoration Science Center at SUNY ESF, and Dr. Donald Leopold, Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Department of Environmental and Forest Biology at ESF, will be presenting on the value to our lakes through transitioning turf lawns into wildlife and watershed-friendly meadows.
All sessions are open to the public with pre-registration.
A calendar of impact events and keynote speakers can be found by visiting
Residents and businesses are also encouraged to show their support by Taking the Pledge to incorporate lake friendly living practices into home and/or business activities. They can also serve as Lake Friendly Living advocates by posting yard signs provided by the associations. In addition to webinar registration, provides links to each of the lake association's websites and online resources to help residents learn more

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