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Town Launches Lake Friendly Living Program

The Town of Geneva is launching a Lake Friendly Living program to enlist residents in the cause of protecting Seneca Lake.  The town has a Lake Friendly Farm program that recognizes farms that take measures to control run-off, and, since everyone with control over land, no matter how small, is responsible for the storm-water leaving their property, everyone can be part of the solution.

The Lake Friendly Living program is meant to assist and recognize residents who make an effort to minimize harmful storm-water inputs (like pesticides and herbicides) and allow storm-water to infiltrate the ground on their property.  Our slogan is “slow it, spread it, sink it.”

The program has three designations.

A Bronze designation is given to residents who do at least one of these practices:  composting yard waste (grass, leaves, branches) on site; keeping part of the yard or lawn in wildflowers or native grasses; or installing a rain barrel to capture roof storm-water.

A Silver designation means a resident has constructed a rain garden, bioswale, or other green infrastructure to capture storm-water that runs off the roof and other impermeable surfaces like walks and driveways.

A Gold designation is for residents who capture more storm-water on their property than they produce, usually with a larger green infrastructure facility like a pond.

Qualified residents will receive a yard sign showing they practice Lake Friendly Living.

To participate and for more information contact the town’s Climate Smart Coordinator, Jacob Fox, at or 210-833-8666.

Protecting the Seneca Lake Watershed is everyone’s business!

3750 County Road 6, 
Geneva, New York 14456