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Area Community Choice Aggregation News and Upcoming Workshop!

Area Community Choice Aggregation News!

The purpose of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is to allow participating local governments to procure energy supply service and distributed energy resources (DER) for eligible energy customers in the community. Recently, many local towns and villages have been working towards enacting CCA.

Congratulations to the Village of Victor!  They held a public hearing and an extended public comment period to receive community input on Community Choice Aggregation.  With no public objection to the program, the village board voted to enact Community Choice Aggregation into law.

It is exciting to see that community members are continuing to advocate for smart solutions to the pressing need to transition to renewable energy.  In Penfield, a group of citizens have formed their own team to educate the community and board members about collective purchasing of renewable electricity.  They have created the Penfield Community Choice Aggregation Resident’s Committee and more information can be seen on their facebook page,  As a result of this engaged group of citizens the Penfield Town Board is considering this program, a presentation on CCA will take place on April 24th at 7pm.

Joule Assets is preparing to go to bid for the electricity supply needs in the Hudson Valley.  Roctricity has worked with Rochester-area CCA communities to determine if they would like to participate with these downstate communities, in pursuing the bid.  The Village of Lima and the Town of Geneva are moving forward with that bidding process!

The Town of Geneva has worked with Joule Assets to create Geneva Community Power for community solar. The town is more than halfway to meeting our goal of 400 participants which will not only enable the participants to save 10% off their entire electric bill, but will also yield funds for the town to use for more sustainability projects.  Visit their website to learn more, by using the link:  

The Towns of Brighton, Irondequoit and Pittsford along with the Village of Pittsford issued a Request for Proposals for a Community Choice Aggregation Administrator on March 1, 2019 with submissions due April 5, 2019.

If you are curious to learn more about the growth of Community Choice Aggregation, how it can be a tool for deploying renewable energy projects, and to hear about the Town of Geneva’s experience, then join us at the small government workshop on May 17th.  The team at Roctricity looks forward to seeing you there!

Our Town Supervisor, Mark Venuti, and Jacob Fox will be part of this presentation on May 17th.

To learn more, and to register:

3750 County Road 6, 
Geneva, New York 14456