Supervisor and Town Board





The Supervisor is the chief elected officer of the Town, helping to manage day-to-day affairs.  The Supervisor is also a member of the Ontario County Board of Supervisors, which oversees county government operations.  The Ontario County Board of Supervisors normally meets on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m., every three weeks, starting January 25 of 2018, and every third Thursday after.  County Supervisors are appointed to County committees and other bodies.  The current Town Supervisor, Mark Venuti, serves on the Planning and Environmental Quality Committee, the Public Safety Committee, and the Ontario County Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Directors.  Mark is also Chair of the Seneca Watershed Intermunicipal Organization.



The Town Board is composed of the Supervisor and four other board members.   The five-member Town Board regularly meets the second Tuesday of every month at the Town Hall.  Board members and Town Department heads are normally in the meeting room at 5:30 to be available for informal meetings and conversation with Town residents and business owners.  The formal start of a Town Board meeting is 6:00 p.m.  The Town Board is the legislative body of the Town, with the ability to pass local laws and set policy for the Town by resolution.  The Town Board approves the Town budget each year and spending throughout the year.  The Town has several committees that meet between Town Board meetings and cover a variety of subjects (see the Town Committees page of this web site).  Town Board members sit on Town committees along with Town residents and business owners.  All meetings are open to the public.

3750 County Road 6, 
Geneva, New York 14456