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Recycling & Disposal Station Info and Rules



32 White Springs Road


The town provides this station as a service to town residents and to encourage conservation and sustainable living while covering most of the daily cost with user fees.  We can only move to a sustainable future together!  Want to learn more?  Copies of “The Story of Stuff” are available to borrow at the town hall. 


General Rules.  Open Wednesdays 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Saturdays 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

For Town of Geneva residents recycling and disposing of their residential materials.  Not for commercial or business generated items.  Residents must annually obtain a sticker from the town clerk for $10 per auto for any Station use, and a punch-card for $50 to dispose of trash by the bag, two 30-gallon bags (or equivalent) per punch for new cards (prices subject to change).  Five bags per punch for the previously issued $75 card will be honored through the end of 2018 (then two bags, 60-gallon total, per punch from 2019 on).


For the Trash Compactor.  Trash is counted by the 30-gallon bag (or equivalent) and must be in bags that can be tossed in the compactor or dumped into it.  We encourage you to keep food and other organic waste out of the trash (that’s what creates odor and harmful gases at the landfill).  Talk to us about a backyard composter or a bucket to collect and bring food scraps to the Station.  Trash for this compactor includes styrofoam, napkins and paper towels, wrappers and packets, plastic wrap and utensils, dirty paper cups and plates, flat glass, ceramics, and aerosol cans.  Don’t use the trash compactor for leaves and other yard waste, building materials, appliances, or hazardous waste like paint, electronic equipment, batteries, fluorescent bulbs (tube or compact) or medicine.  The county holds household hazardous waste disposal events twice a year; save those items for those events and check or with the town supervisor for details.


For the Recycling Compactor.  Toss into this compactor empty and clean glass bottles, containers and jars of any color, aluminum and tin cans and foil, plastic containers #1-#7, corrugated and cardboard boxes and cartons (broken down), office paper, junk mail, magazines, envelopes and newspapers.


For the Metal Container.  Toss into this container scrap metal and items made primarily of metal like steel, iron, copper and aluminum.  Not for large appliances or items containing freon or hazardous materials.  Can it be fixed?  The town holds a fix-it clinic twice a year.  Check out or inquire at the town hall.


For the Food Waste Container.  Dump your food waste in this container, including bones, meat and dairy.


For the Yard Debris Pile.  Dump un-bagged leaves, shrub prunings and branches (no greater than 6 feet long and 6 inches in diameter) on the pile (unless you have your own compost pile or box at home.  Interested?  We can help you get started with a back-yard compost box).


For the Construction and Wood Debris and Furniture Container.  WHEN AVAILABLE – CHECK FIRST.  Non-bagged waste like home construction debris and wood must be weighed and placed in a special container; see the attendant for help and recording the charge, 10 cents per pound, for which you will be billed.  Use will be suspended for bills unpaid for fifteen days.  Charges are subject to change.


Questions?  Suggestions?  Check out or email

Check out for county-wide recycling information.

3750 County Road 6, 
Geneva, New York 14456